About Tech + Rock
With nearly two decades experience in online community, technology and marketing spanning B2B and B2C I felt it was time to share lessons learned, tips, tricks, stories and more to help others out there. I’ll also share bits from my life, travel, cinema, music and inspirations.

Blake in Venice
Tech + Rock is founded by Blake Ethridge

About Blake: Currently I work as the Online Community Engagement Manager for Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas by day. I to this day remain very driven in being the best at my crafts and study and practice the craft of community, social networks, technology at every turn. I’m a proud member of SocialMedia.org and usually attend SXSW Interactive each year. In my off time I help program for the Oak Cliff Film Festival which is run by the Texas Theatre and Aviation Cinemas. I’ve helped program and provide strategy for countless film festivals and am the founder of FMM a large and unique social network for the industry.  In my off time I enjoy cinema, music (especially French electronica), FC Barcelona (Go Messi!), Dallas Mavericks and traveling to film festivals all over the world including Cannes, Berlinale and more.

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